Things that tickle my fancy

If you choose to induldge me here are some ideas

Gifts that help me long term

These are things for the more generous donor who realizes by helping me with these things I can help myself reach my own goals.

  • New website pro build – (can work out perks to purchaser) $1200


Places I’d love to visit with you!

  • Australia
  • Fiji
  • South of France
  • Amalfi Coast
  • Beijing
  • Tons of US cities
  • Surprise me!

Wish lists


  • Euro size 39.5
  • Louboutin/Gucci/Valentino rockstuds
  • US size 9

Beauty and Spa


  • CHANEL handbags
  • Cartier Love Collection Jewelry (yellow gold)
  • Hermès handbags and leather goods
  • Louis Vuitton leather goods


  • I have tons of lingerie but if you would like to see me in something specific:
  • Bra size 36E (preferred) or 36DDD
  • Panties size M or 3
  • Stocking height 5’9″

You can never go wrong with fresh flowers, cashmere, a beautiful candle or anything in a CHANEL box.