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Habitual photo thief Lady Roberta in Canada

Men conned out of money again using mine and others photos

My photos are often stolen, like a lot of ladies. I know I should always watermark and will be from now on.  I regularly send out notices to have sites remove my stolen photos and it’s just the cost of doing business.  It bothers me, but not like what just happened for the second time.

August of last year I was contacted by a gentleman was conned out of thousands of dollars for an overnight appt with a “woman” in Canada who sent him to an empty building, she was using my photos along with 2 other well known ladies I’m friendly with.  He was very understanding and helpful in pointing out all of her ads to me.  The crazy thing was she followed me on Twitter and was using my photos on tons of sites and I had no idea.  A quick search of her phone number pulled up tons of my pictures.

When she was confronted she went insane and claimed “hobbyists, rapists and stalkers” were placing fake ads for her using our pictures to con people out of money and it was a big nightmare for her.  What she could not explain is why the ads had her correct phone number, email address and web address….not a very good scam for the “hobbyists, rapists and stalkers” because this way she just got free money sent to her….hmmmm.   She quickly logged onto all these ad sites and removed our pictures and changed the email address’s to fake ones and said they were that way the whole time.  Of course we had screen shots and that was nonsense.

Fast forward, about 2 weeks ago someone tags me on twitter saying someone is using my pics in Canada.  I couldn’t find the ads though even though I searched.  Friday morning a gentleman sent me a screenshot.  He had the wherewithal to do a reverse search before sending her money.  Of course she is using the same girls pics again (from our new sets..cause hey..why not update, ha ha)  When confronted she went with the same story…stalkers, hobbyists…fake accounts, etc.

She still has the same stock photos on her site that are clearly not her. Has never posted a selfie, ever.  I don’t know a single person who has ever met her.  She has 14K followers on Twitter but when you look, they are fake.  All cartoon characters, a sure sign of purchased followers.  Who knows if “she” is anything other than a con artist who works off getting deposits and pretending to be in the business.

This is a true case of do your homework. She is dangerous to those of us who are honest and honorable in this business.


This is the original screenshot the client who almost sent the deposit sent me

This is the original post on Leo’s List.  Note that the email address and website go directly to her personal website and email address.  The phone number listed was also her personal phone number (didn’t get it in screen shot)  It is how I got her phone number to text her.

When caught, she logged into Leo’s list and removed her website, phone number and changed to “text me @ and put some weird email address”.  Luckily I took a screenshot before the change.  She claimed someone put up the ads “as her” to ruin her business using these fake pics…for the second time in two years of the same ladies…with our new photos.  Last time were from previous photo shoots.

When I did a reverse search on the phone number I texted her on I found this site where she was also using my photo.  Note, that it has her website and email as contact information.

I decided to “test” her not knowing anything about these ads and noticed there was a reset password button.  It asked me to verify via text.  I clicked that button.  It asked me to verify my phone number (which of course was hers 289-334-0919 )  I hit reset.  It sent a text code to her.  Now she knew I was onto her on this site as well.  Within minutes she logged in and removed my photo.  I tried to reset a second time and it said that it had already been reset to the phone number listed above.

I spoke directly with another escort directory she was listed on using mine and the other ladies photos.  The owner of the directory provided me with not only her IP address, but did verify with me that she logged on with her telephone (the one I have listed) earlier in the day and removed the photos that were posted.  The owner also told me she was the one to post the photos from that same account when it was created.  She is now banned from that directory.

The moral of the story is there are lunatics out there using fake pictures, do your research before trusting someone.  Make sure they are legit.  Also, If you see mine or another persons photos attached to a name you don’t recognize…say something!  Just a quick email with a link is so helpful!  Also….no selfies ever???  Red flag!  I hate taking selfies but even I do every now and then!

Update: She just changed her number to 551-242-3111 . This is a New Jersey number so I guess she is going to do the same thing here in the US.  Photos on ads with this number are also of Nikita Jay and of course the standard stock photos.  New url is https://alessandra.site