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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions gentlemen ask me the most
Where are you located?

My home base is in Los Angeles, California, specifically in the City of Beverly Hills.

Do you offer incall or outcall?

I offer both. While I am used to joining you in your hotel or home, you may also come to me in Beverly Hills if it’s what you prefer.

Can I see your face/ is that really you?

The photos I have up are the ONLY photos I am willing to share. I choose not to show my face for my privacy and for yours, even via email. While I am often called a head turner, it is never because I am recognized for my web presence. That would not only be indiscreet, but quite embarrassing and awkward for both of us.  When we are together no one will ever know that I am just your girlfriend for the evening or the weekend.

What types of payments do you accept?

Cash in large bills is my preference. If arranged in advance of our appointment, I can accept credit card payments or wire transfers from gentlemen that I know and trust (add 4% fee).  I do accept bitcoin as well now.

Where and when should I hand over the envelope?

If I come to you please have the donation out where I can see it.  On the desk or table is best.  I will discreetly tuck it away before we begin.  If you are coming to visit me, please set the donation down within the first few minutes in plain sight.  No envelope is ever required.  If you have a plethora of envelopes please feel free to use one…but don’t be late or stressed because you had to go to the drug store and buy a box of them to give me one single envelope!  We will save trees together :-).

Am I too old or young for you?

There is a higher likelihood that someone is too young for me than too old for me.  I have found that mature gentleman are gentle and kind and have a sense of romanticism that is often not seen in younger men. I do ask that you be over 30 years old.

Can we meet for coffee or a drink to get to know each other first?

We can meet in a social setting however my normal fee for that time applies.  I ask that you discreetly provide me an envelope or gift bag with the donation inside immediately upon meeting.  If you are nervous please know that I am very easy to get along with and will do everything I can to make you feel comfortable.

Is there anything specific you expect from me?

I expect exactly what I give to you.  I will always be a lady as you should be a gentleman.  I will always try to be prompt and you should as well.  You can expect me to be on time, and if you are going to be more than 10 minutes early or late it is important that you call me.

How much notice do need for an appointment?

While the fantasy of me sitting around in lingerie, eating bon bons waiting for email sounds fabulous…it is just that, fantasy.  I take time to prepare for our time together.  If we do not have an established friendship I am unable to accommodate short notice appointments.  Please give me as much notice as possible. The more notice we have, the more likely we are to make sure our schedules coordinate.  There is never such a thing as too far in advance.

Do you travel to my city?

If you are within a 2-3 hour drive of Los Angeles I will require a 4 hour minimum to meet with you, some of those Cities include:
San Diego
Santa Barbara
Palm Springs
South Orange County

If you are within a 1 hour flight of Los Angeles I will also meet with you with only a 4 hour minimum but I also ask for travel expenses in addition to the 4 hour rate. Some of those cities are:
San Francisco
San Jose
Las Vegas

Of course these meeting will require a deposit since I will be traveling to meet with you.  If you are looking for a city not listed above you can either join a mailing list or send for me to come to your city, that information is listed here.


How do I schedule an appointment with you?

New clients please fill out the form on my connect page in its entirety. Please tell me a little about yourself, what you do for a living and a link to an online presence would help speed things along. If you have a provider reference I will gladly take that into account however this does not exclude you from giving me your true information.  Also note, that I do not accept third party verification sites or whitelists in lieu of legitimate screening. Existing lovers, email is usually the best way to reach me.

I don't like forms, can I call you instead?

I prefer initial contact via my form or email.  If I had my phone number posted publicly it would not allow me any type of normal life nor would I be able to screen out suitors that I am not compatible with.  What I do have is an email address that I can email you back from that is not found anywhere on the Internet.  When you fill out my form, you can either fill in your work address and be clear that you need me to write to you from the discreet non-bustygfe email address or spend 5 minutes and sign up for hushmail/gmail or such free email service.  Alternately you can type some fake email addy in and explain in the written area why you need this extreme privacy of a call instead of email.  If it says “call me” I will ignore it.  I am familiar with NDA’s  and have no problem with signing them for those in the public eye who require that sort of privacy.

I met you years ago, will you honor that rate?

No, this privilege was abused so I have chosen not to grandfather any longer.  I only offer the rates and appointment lengths listed on my “Investment” page.  If this is no longer in your comfort zone then I suggest you find someone who is.

I'd like to plan a nice evening out with you, what do you like to eat?

I am very flexible when it comes to food.  Some weeks I’m a pescatarian, some a vegetarian (just joking) and others I feel like a beefatarian. I adore fine dining and dressing to the nines for you but am also very comfortable in jeans at your favorite burger or taco joint.  I do love farm to table dining, tasting menus, seafood, fresh pasta and a great steak!  Now run with it.  As far as beverages, I prefer non alcoholic options such as water and iced tea.

Where can I find reviews of you?

I have a zero review policy and thankfully these sites have mostly been removed.  I believe that intimate encounters require the utmost discretion.  I prefer our time to unfold organically and not to be led by acronyms and predefined expectations, I hope you feel the same.  I do not see hobbyists.  If you don’t know what that means, be grateful!

What are some of your favorite things?

I love indulgence! From a buttery fresh croissant to a black gift bag from CHANEL.  Rolling around in fresh white linen sheets all morning and then lounge on the beach together with a fruity drink?  Of course!  All of this!  These are my favorite things!  Ohhhh, more simple things?  I know women are impossible to shop for so I have listed some of  some of my favorite things on my spoil me page.  Of course, the best gift is building a longstanding friendship together which I look forward to doing.  That is not saying that I don’t adore gifts…I am a woman of course!

Why haven't you returned my email yet?

I return all email as soon as I am able to. You can check my calendar and see if I am away with a client, this can delay responses. If I repeatedly do not return your emails then the likelihood is your email has been blocked for good reason. I do ignore all explicit or one line emails.

Hey Larissa, fellow provider here, I'm too lazy to come up with my own content do you mind if I just use yours?

As a matter of fact I do mind, it’s called plagiarism.  I put time and effort into my site and it’s content.  If you lack the imagination, wit, or intelligence to come up with your own content then you should pay someone to come up with it for you.  I think we all learned in kindergarten that it is not ok to steal.  If I find my content on your site you can expect that I will not sit idly by.  Don’t be surprised when your name is Tweeted to the world as a content thief.